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2021-08-22 10:08:40 (UTC)

Volunteered for Afghan relief 😕

I saw a thing asking for volunteers for Afghan relief. Didn't realize they ask for a lot of personal info and your driving lic # and insurance too. I didn't know the people are being brought over here in Sacramento. So I don't mind helping with picking them up at the airport and dropping them off to wherever temp housing they need to go to. Also, I don't know how this stuff works but I could help show them around the neighborhood and whatever errands they need to do. I'm guessing they'll need to go to the clinics for basic routine physicals. I don't mind letting them stay for the night at my place or whatever. Dunno. But these aren't expensive things to do so I don't mind.

Pacman lost his boxing match last night. The other guy was just too big or Pacman looked too old. Sad to see because he was heavily favored. Anyway, at least I didn't lose any money from it except for the ppv cost of the fight but it was fun to watch. There won't be another boxer like him in our generation. He was a rare fighter indeed. Just got old.

Today is my one and only rest day from the gym. Whew. Needed it. Still stiff in the morning so picking up stuff off the floor is not fun to do. Multiple muscles are hurting. Today should be chill. Normal errands and cleaning so it should be a drama free day. I did have some wine finally now that my challenge is over. Funny but it doesn't taste the same anymore. I thought since I didn't drink for awhile, it'd taste like nectar of the gods. But nope, it tasted funny so i'm not in any need to drink wine like I did before. We'll see how it goes.

Heading out to Reno this Tuesday-Thursday. I need to redeem my bet that got cancelled. I could just mail it in but it's $1000 and I want a short vaca anyway. There is a sister gym nearby so I'll go there while I'm in Reno. I'll still be able to keep up with my workouts. Don't know anyone at that gym. I went once a long time ago because I had a dart tourney there. It was fun but it was a one time thing between dart matches. I do recall the coach there. He had an accent so he sounded English or Brit. Dunno. But he made it seem like a rival between my home gym and his gym so he was being a bit of an ass. I was just there for the fun and workout. Anyway, I'll be doing some social gambling and what a few shows. Not tv shows. I mean a show show. Last time I went, I saw a magic act and showgirls type of show. It was fun and cheaper than the shows in Vegas. I'll have to check out what shows I can book. Maybe tonight after I'm done with my errands.!1s0x809938d22d403d87:0x62e8c3dbb0ee3e64!3m1!7e115!4s!5sresults transformation center sparks nevada - Google Search!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMpyKSyHEd8KZfEOamntWlbPGOwSNT7OoQm5_PF&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi2u-aRk8XyAhWYDjQIHYrTCggQoiowEnoECGYQAw