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2021-08-22 20:24:33 (UTC)

Sundays and guns

I enjoyed weilding a gun more than the average guy would. A plastic one shooting these small yellow plastic bullets. there is something about holding the gun and aiming it at someone and seeing them into the instinctual hands up to protect themselves which gives me a sort of a high.

maybe i am a monster...i wouldn't know if i was one.

i spent the evening with my neighbour and his wife and kid playing football on the terrace. and yes my gun. i shot them all with great pleasure and accuracy. they also shot me. it was fun. the little bastards sting a bit. she was wearing shorts but of thin material so shooting her in the ass it stung her more. her kid was laughing away until it came to his turn and he ran away screaming like a girl. plus he started crying too. he was scared i would shot him. his mommy consoled him. wasn't the first time i made him cry. hes too of a sissy. his father and me childhood friends used to play with these same ones. shooting each other. playing hide and seek. he shot me in the neck and we still laugh remembering it. and here his offspring is lacking his genes of being a tough kid. i expected more from him. im a bit disappointed. but i see a lot of his aged younglings with no instinct to fight back.

right now listening to crawling king chaos. what a masterpiece of a song. i was replaying it in my head as i was having fun with my gun. haah..

then there was a squirrel on the building opposite us. cute little thing. he turned to me and said lets see if you can shoot it. i was like fuck no i would never hurt animals i only shoot humans. and so the debate started. one side im defending the animal kingdom and he and his wife are against me. he said what about rats? i said no they are cute. then he said what about the house gekos. i said i name them and they are amazing. they both gave a ewwwwwww.... for the love of the devil they couldn't understand why i wouldn't want to kill them. and i couldnt digest that they would. evening time the mosquitos came out and he was getting bitten. i was like yes see see you want to harm them and they all will attack you. like seriously i wasn't being bitten at all..hahahhaa. i also joked that the female mosquitoes would gossip and say here is a red blodded juicy human to feast on...hhaaha. he was like yeaah yeaaahh smartass..

i enjoy killing. i write and tell about it but these mortals around me just think it's not serious. im dead serious. i would shoot all of you without a second thought. all those who piss me off.