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2021-08-22 04:30:47 (UTC)

Life is finally moving ahead ..

Life is finally moving ahead normally again. Tomorrow is my last day off before returning to work after having covid.

I have put together a new dining table and a new tiny potting shed. The pergola supplies are all still sitting in the yard along with supplies for a raised bed garden and some stone to make a patio for a fire pit.

But inside my house is clean and looking pretty and I have energy again finally. Although I still have some stuffiness and the urge to take a nap every single day.

I talked to my brother apparently he had covid as well. And like us it was super contagious spread to everyone he lives and works with, but wasn’t bad for anyone he knew.

I have yet to reschedule the second bathroom quote. I’m waiting. We are being told by the health department that we are no longer contagious, but until all symptoms are fully gone I don’t trust it.

Meanwhile I am trying to plan what we are going to do while living in this one bathroom house while the one bathroom is out of commission. So far I have a 10 gallon sun shower that we may try to find a way to rig hot water to. I am putting that up by our hot tub as it will be a nice feature to have out there anyway. I’m ordering a port o potty as soon as we start demolition. I have a “sink” I can put out by it. It’s really just a 5gallon bucket with spigot, but it’ll do. I’m ordering a camp sink with water tank for our laundry room and I’m going to set up a teeth brushing/face washing station next to it. And I need to figure out where to set up a vanity, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Someone suggested renting a camper, to have a mobile bathroom but they are expensive per night! So it’s hobo outdoor toilets and showering in a tent. This is going to be very annoying. But this bathroom has already gone way too long with damage that NEEDS fixed.

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