Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2021-08-22 04:04:52 (UTC)

Observe and report

People actin' funny when you're not suffering along with'em. In any case, that's why I took a week off. Everyone had their fill of taking time of to see their families and going on vacations even though they only work 2 days a week and shit. Short staffed? Too busy? Yeah, that's what it feels like. Now it's my turn to dick off. Feels good but not really. I don't have the means or space to finish filming these videos. I wanted to maximize my vaca but I still feel incomplete.
Unrelated note, you ever notice that the people who don't matter in your life will always filter themselves out, with no effort on your part? Never fails. The ones that DO matter will always show up when something happens. I'm learning on this vacation not to give extra energy on people who don't deserve or matter to me.

Also, are people just having lonely moments? I mean I'm barely on social media but I personally hate videos or pictures when it's just someone's cat, eating, sleeping, EXISTING. Yes, we get it, cute and fluffy. You have no personality or anything of value to expand upon so you default to the only thing you identify with in your life, a fuckin' cat. Good job. They don't respond to anything else. Anyway, storm's supposed to be coming, which means that power is gonna go out and I'm gonna be in sweating with no fan and annoyed so I'm charging all my devices and getting ready to sleep in the car. I'm the type of person that, as soon as the power goes out, I leave the house. I will abandon my home in a heartbeat if something goes awry. I HATE this place. Mainly because we aren't allowed to have AC even though it's 120 fricken degrees so I'll run to the movies, car, any place with AC to 'escape' my shithole residence. Whatever I'm out.

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