Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-21 21:07:47 (UTC)

Today is another lazy didn’t ..

Today is another lazy didn’t do my hair day I plan to go to the groccery store with my dad I had this horrible dream last night about my mom doing bad stuff to me I can’t remember I don’t know if it’s because I read this book that ends in being kidnapped or if it would of happened anyway

It’s 810 I’m frustrated I can’t seem to do things without someone helping me and I can’t do complex things i can possibly do school but I’m not sure if I can learn to do visual art I think it’s because I’m disabled I hate I can articulate this but find it hard to do it I found out my jewerly is not sellable I would have to do other stuff to make it sell I’m not good at anything I used to be good a poems but I suck at it now to I imagine a world where I like my job and I don’t suck at it and I can’t seem to find it I like to believe in growth mindset but I’m not sure if that applys to me I think after a while I reach a border that cannot be crossed but I’m not sure yet
I want to be a poly math but I’m just not talented also I need something to wash my carpet I think it looks a mess

All I have are books to read and fairycore decorations and things to watch on tv and that’s it everything else is deeply flawed I just feel so frustrated

Also I can’t even drink tea anymore because it’s a trigger for irrtable bowl syndrome

I still do stuff I’m intrested in but it’s so frustrating and I have to keep trying to never succeed