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2021-08-21 14:20:10 (UTC)

Late start at gym test 😣

I was late for gym. Of all days, today was not the one to be late for. I woke up early but my body just gave up. Seems like it knew the challenge was over so I had very little energy. Finally got my butt going and I was 15-20 min late. I registered and was promptly directed to the first test station. They line up a dozen of us to do a plank test all at once. You get called out with your time when you drop. They were already ready to start till I walked in. Whoops! My bad. Coach knows me because he used to coach me at the other gym. He was already saying "Ready, set......waiting for Mondo to get ready". hehehe. But I'm one of the "golden child" because I get along well and bring people into the gym. Sorta a teacher's pet that you want to be-atch slap once in awhile. kidding. They just see I push hard and always grateful for what the gym did for me and I voice it each and everythday.

Anyway, I'm there putting my stuff away. Putting on my gloves while everyone is already down on the floor waiting for me to get ready. Now I didn't prep. No warm up. No coffee. No stretching. Still 1/2 asleep and my body was stiff as heck!! I just had enough time to put on my gloves and hit the floor before the coach with his stop watch said "Ready, set, go!". That's seconds after I went down. It was a plank test. Coach calls out the times as makers and as peeps drop their plank. I hear him cheering us on telling us time intervals and telling us to hang in there and to keep our form. I was already shaking after a min and he said for those that are shaking, just hang in there. I only could see one guy next to me on the side of my eye and was focused on just staying up. Coach kept calling out times and sometimes the intervals were only seconds apart. Now I don't want to hear that poop! It only makes the time seem longer when you give out times by just a few seconds apart. Anyway, I was hanging on and I was starting to have the effects of the "just waking up feeling". I was feeling nauseated and and my lower back was hurting pretty bad. It was already hurting this morning so this plank test wasn't helping. It was near 4 min now and I can still see the one guy next to me. I was thinking "Holy crap!" I'll be the first one out. But I just couldn't hold it anymore. I dropped at 4 min 2 seconds. I thought I went down first. I look around and the only other person left was the guy next to me. He and I were the only ones that were actually left!! He lasted 4 min 12 seconds. So although I wasn't first, I did have the 2nd highest time in our group.

There were two more tests. One of them we don't do at class. It's barbell squats. We don't have enough space to do this as a class. Only done at private training because the other racks are too wide to hold barbells. So I had to learn quickly. I went with a wimpy weight at the start of the challenge. This time, I sorta learned how to do it a little better and got to practice a little and I can now squat 135 lbs. I think I could have gone 10 or 20 lbs more but meh...this is good enough for me. I was still hurting from previous classes so I didn't want to get hurt.

Of course, my cliquity-clique that I just got to know were there too. I can't put the name with the face. I managed to get 3 of them though. Heather, Ashly, and Rosa. So...3 down about 10 more to know. We had a catered breakfast after that along with a goody bag of stuff. A medal (participation medal!!!), shirt, face mask, and other cool things.

Tonight's the boxing match with Pacman. Sad he won't be fighting Spence and sad that my bet isn't happening but I guess I'll still buy to the ppv. Not sure how much it is. I think I heard $75. I think I'll have a big ass fat steak tonight for dinner while I watch the boxing matches. That's my morning. Going out to run some errands. Later diary :)

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