Shit I Write Down
2021-08-22 01:50:14 (UTC)

Beauty Standards

I just need to take a second to rant about beauty standards and how they are bullshit. Specially how women are raised to live up to unrealistic beauty standards put upon us by society. Putting an image in our heads that you must look a certain way for society to at least acknowledge your "beauty" even when you have tried to mold yourself to please them. Even then there is always criticism behind it all. Women have to be slim but not too slim, thick but not too thick to where you have a tummy. Women can wear makeup but not too much because it would look like we are trying too hard. We can show skin but not too much because we would get shamed. This leads to hating normal things on your body like hair, stretch marks, acne, discoloration, and other natural things everyone has. We should love ourselves as we are imperfections in all. Be proud of your body and embrace it. Fuck anyone who tells you different!!!

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