By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-22 01:44:41 (UTC)

nobody tells them extroverts to shut up...

I dont party. period. i headbang. i find peace in the rythms of some melodic death metal.

unfortunately my family and neighbours are muggles i have to tolerate. so they all had this small get together which i was invited. my dad was incharge of the music and photography. and there were old folks there. they were all dancing to bollywood and english music. i was sitting there at the table in the other end with my bottle of beer and just lost in my own world. but not all was lost.

i was flanked by the host to my right and another one of his friends to the right. both well over 60's. and one more dude opposite us. they were talking about gyming and health. the host is a hardcore gym goer. he was down with the virus. the doc gave him a few years to live and told him not to do weights. he told us he said fuck you doc and now hes well and fine. he had his belief of overall physical wellness over antibiotics. i can see his point. exercising releases endorphines which are good for the mood. for a brief time i was lost in their conversation which was interesting... until one of their wives came and took them to dance too...urrghhh.

then i got a call from a friend to pick up some parcel so i gladly excused myself and came back home. i put on some Meshuggah and fuck it felt like you hold in a fart for long and finally let it out a big ass relief. then i went back there. my hell in the form of dancing and partying was waiting for in the building opposite of mine.

by then was dinner time thankfully. then some pics and a few hours later what felt like eternity we all bid our goodbyes as i muttered to myself never again.

well the host family was happy that i came. since i don't mix much with the crowd. it made them happy im glad. while i was sitting there and watching them all dance one dude introduced himself and we struck up a conversation. he said why don't you dance? i said no never its not my music. he asked what i listen to i replied heavy metal. he just nodded hahah. im so sure if i played my music there they would cover their ears and run out.

everyone tells us introverts to talk more. but nobody tells them extroverts to shut the fuck up rite??

right now im listening to my metal playlist and soaking up all the music up. to wash out this experience of nightmares from my system. Into the storm by Gojira is playing. what a beautiful song!!


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