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2021-08-21 15:19:18 (UTC)

Snap snaaappp...

If I was Thanos I would snap my fingers and remove all knowledge and existence of God and religion.

The term humanity is for humans. But these humans hwve divided themselves by color, religion, race, political views, gender to name a few...and that too in one country.

And to top that all these humans have the balls to weep for humanity and be all godly in front of others. Like bull fucking shit. Talk about two faced humans..

With no religion the muslims and Christians won't kill each other. No race then the whites and black kill each other. There will be so many influencial suits whose pockets will be much lighter cause you know they use "religion" to get richer. The high priests living like loyalty. Their followers die of hunger. And then you all say to spread love and shit. Well practice what you preach first .


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