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2021-08-20 20:57:06 (UTC)

Big trips planned😱

Holy moly. Sister says once the pandemic thing calms down, she wants to go on some trips. I think she said they are guided trips on trains and stuff. I was wondering because she mentioned the Canadian Rockies!! I was thinking she's nuts!! hehe

=======text from sis===========
There's a trip to Mt Rushmore, Grand Tetons & Yellowstone for 8 days.
They also have a Panama Canal cruise, Rainforests and Beaches for 9 days
But some of my friends want to go on the Canadian Rockies & Glaciers for 9 days

But hell yeah!!! I'm in. If she wants to do one of them or all of them, I got like 600 hrs of vacation time so I'm more than ok to go.

Anyway, we are doing our gym 6 week challenge test tomorrow morning. Then it'll be like a little party with some entertainment, games, food, and I'm sure alcohol too.
There will re-test us on three things.
1) Overhead press
2) barbell squats
3) Planks (how long we can hold it)

My body still aches from previous workouts. Trying to work out the kinks right now. Drinking lots of water, foam rolling, stretching, and using my hand held massager wherever it hurts (which is pretty much everywhere right now). I have less than 10 hrs to heal. Testing begins tomorrow at 7AM. More likely around 7:30AM. I got this 👍

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