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2021-08-20 23:33:28 (UTC)

Plan executed

Oooh, it's midnight, where did the time go? I've wanted something to drift away to, and I recalled an old friend saying how good "Downton Abbey" was when the series first came out. So I put it on Netflix and I'm on Episode 2's pretty good.

I've chosen my greenhouse, and accessories and a 220l water butt which are in my shopping basket online. My daughter and I went out today and picked out some blue slate chippings, my daughter is off out all day tomorrow till early evening with five of her girlfriends to a party. And I am redesigning the lawn edging at the front of my house. I've been nurturing the flowers and plants and little lawn and I have wood chipping around a foot wide around the edge of the lawn, but I don't like it, it looks naff. My other neighbours obviously like there's but I prefer blue slate, so I'll be doing that. So I have three large bags of blue slate I got mega cheap with my employee discounts from my work and I got some lawn feed and weed killer.

My greenhouse I have to build myself, eeeek! Another challenge. I'm reckoning it's going to be a bigger job than when I built my shed. From reviews, it's taken most people two days to build, and some four hours and others a month!! WTF? A month? Lol, I'm doubtful that will happen with me, I won't stop until it's done. I can never leave a job half-done. Oh! I also found a builder who makes raised planters for vegetables, they're well made chunky wooden ones, he is delivering four large planters to mine next week and making me another planter that has four different sections all connected and sits in a corner and this will be for all my herbs. I had considered building some myself and getting the timber, from work but decided against it, however, I have plenty of time to prepare before the next growing season.

My daughter is eager to grow some plants in our greenhouse, I told her she can grow whatever she wants to, I will help wherever she needs it. I'm pleased she's eager, I want her to be, learn how to grow things. She has a collection of plants in her bedroom and she nurtures them and looks after them like they were babies, lol. So, knowing she can grow things from nothing is something she wants to do. It kind of goes with her desire to become an archaeologist too, she told me she wants to keep her art for her expressions but would like to learn more about geography and archaeology, she always gets "outstanding" on her reports cards from school for her geography and art, as they are her passions. I am supporting her, it would be an interesting and great career for her.

When my daughter and I were out shopping, we bought some other bits for the house, decorative things. I love doing this, our gradual process of putting our stamp on our new home. I've worked out what design I am doing for the stairway walls and landing walls upstairs. However, it is going to be tricky reaching to the top of the stairway as it's twenty feet high to the top of the walls! Dad said, get a stair board for the ladder, at 5'6 I'm not exactly tall, it's three times the height of me. I think my work will let me borrow a stair board and ladder fit for the job, the ladders I have aren't the correct ones to use.

So build the greenhouse, set up the water butt, set out the planters, move my cat "outhouse" that my dad built for my previous cat so has a little house outside too and just get it all organised out there. Exciting stuff! I must be getting old because I am looking forward to growing veggies and herbs. I am going to buy timber and sleepers from work though and get either my dad or my brother and carpenter G to build an L -shape on edge of my garden so I can plant flowers.

I'm still deciding on the swing bench and what one to go with, I don't like those plastic shite ones, I like the chunky wood ones, proper ones. I want to sit and swing on it with my whisky or rum and look up at the stars. The lighting for the garden I am going to get next week and set up in the garden, it won't be heavy but romanticised almost soft lighting. The sky is the star, not my garden lol.

I received a gold badge trinket from my work with a personal message from the big boss of my company, congratulating me on five years of service to them and thanking me for the experience I have brought to the company. It meant nothing to me, a silly trinket and a note.....haha.