Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-20 00:45:16 (UTC)

Going to work at 4pm I have to ..

Going to work at 4pm I have to do my hair and get there quickly it’s 1247 I read more of the book and might write more of my story I kinda don’t know where it’s going all the way but I can edit it later and look at it with fresh eyes
I’m hoping I dream more about the story
I had dreams that I put into the story
I want to start gaming but every time I try I stop wanting too I think it’s because this guy touched me inappropriately and had a switch and played Pokémon Amy brain associates it with him now or I just out grew Pokémon it doesn’t help my game restarted

Kinda out of nowhere
I had this dream of black lightning the show but different

Remember that sewing machine I put water in ?
The blow dryer was shipped here but I’m afraid of turning it on the sewing machine I think I might wait till t comes and be like I’m afraid of messing up can you chaperone me

I’m going to pick up some make up in my mail box and make some breakfast
And hopefully write some more hopefully there are more then one thing in the mail box

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