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2021-08-20 21:15:31 (UTC)

I'll hand it to you Brits.. bravo.

There's this tv show in the UK I don't know the name. It is a reality one where people who have sever low self esteem cause of their body are helped. Helped to stand up for themselves and say fuck you to the world.

I think it's a brilliant idea. The patients go and live in a resort. It's a nude one. They have to play games and activities and have fun. Not the naughty kinds. Just social stuff. Slowly their own self worth keeps going up and up seeing how freely the others interact. And these hosts are of all sizes. From small to the big to the huge. And they all have a beautiful open and caring heart. This one dude never went topless in public ever. And he was skinny. Afraid what people will laugh and think he even went to the beach in a t-shirt. I felt his pain. I'm too of a skinny ass boned creature but I do go topless cause I stopped caring. The staring and the laughs unfortunately didn't. Anyways so this dude was in tears by the end as he finally got the confidence to get jiggy with it bare boned. There were a few married women too who gained weight and were ashamed of themselves. They too found the courage to feel beautiful from the inside and outside again.

A second show is on dating. Where the guy picks the girl from a line up. The catch is all the girls are naked. So they slowly reveal the girl from down to top making him pick one in the end. Then he gets naked and comes back to the stage. Then they both go on their first dates.

I think it's also a brilliant idea. Since humans are so fucking horny. And men are obsessed with tits and asses. Might as well start there rite???