Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-08-19 23:04:00 (UTC)

Grandma's Goat House

Mr perv, did a fine job of my guttering today. Yeah, the innuendo makes me wanna 🤮 and it isn't just him that makes me wanna puke. All men, make me wanna manifest choking on my vomit into a slow excruciating painful death. Much preferred then letting any of those nethanderals near me.

They loiter and plague my atmosphere, all disappearing then returning, then disappearing then returning. Over and over again, these primitive creatures of the night and darkened days lurk their way back to me. When I am enjoying a simple, enjoyable life without bother or stress.

They boulder in/back as if their presence is so special, I must lower to my knees and kiss their feet in gratitude for their reappearance. 🤣😂🤣 Men.

Such a useless bunch. Us ladies should consider them an ant or a bee. Where they're used only for their sex and work then just as the Queen does, chew there heads off and eat them alive.

Nature knows. Us women should too. We should get a free passport like the military do, to kill whoever we want and walk away a hero. 🙄

Fucking army, navy....murderers. And all that shite on the news today. Bigging up an English army guy for showing mercy on an afghan woman and her child by letting her in the safety zone when she didn't have papers. Do you really think you snide, cuntswallop fuck sacks of shit government and media, THINK, we are going to say, "Awww, how lovely of that "free to murder pass" army guy, to do such a nice thing for that lady" and start thinking the government and military are so lovely after all?

Like fuck.....nope....sacks of shit.

Anyways, now I've had my rant of that lot 👆 above. I'd very much like, "Fingers", " Prime", "Ed", "J", " G" and any other person with a cock, whether minuscule or a humdinger, to fuck back off to grandma's goat house where you will fit in nicely. My lady bits are staying mine, the sweet nectars in my life are remaining so.

Anyways, good day today, been finalising garden stuff im buying for my veggies, lighting, other stuff. Work has been good, parents are good. Pals are good, gaming is good, all is good and tasty. 👍😉

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