If I die today
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2021-08-19 14:54:55 (UTC)

dads 1st son

This is to Billy,
Wow I dont know where to begin or what to say. I am sorry for my accusations against you. I do not rember it all clearly or know what is true. I rember being with police and being "reminded " or maybe coached about thee unicorn blanket they asked me something and that was a key. You know what you have and have not done I hope .Someone needs to know. Anyhow its all over with weather for better or worse we are not really 'family" I dont know you. I'm sorry. Right now in life I'm still a mess and confused and I have no reason to include you in my life unless you are able to clear things up and give me the truth good bad or ugly. my sister is certain about what happened to her. I dont know what to make of it all but I do hope she finds healig and peace. I hope you get whatever it is you need and that your life contrubites to the good of society and that you are not a monster. I hope you are able to live with a purpose and deal with whatever offences we have against each other and I hope you do turn out to be a part of a functioning family. If I die or amd dead theres no need for you involement and bc those close to me are not fully well and I am so unclear of how safe you are or maybe in myself to spare confustion I would want you just stay out of it but if you and the boys dad, brother, uncel and so fourth care to do something on your own or speak of me that the best option. I may just be a fart in the wind to you and thats okay as well. Its been a rough life I dont not know what you endured or why but please forgive me for my offences to you known unknown inentoal or unintental. Theres nothing else I can offer you at this point. Hope this brings you some sorta peace

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