Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-19 20:43:48 (UTC)

Part two

S and me talked mostly about books at writing for like 2 hours in the hot sun

Then I went to the post office and shipped the shoes I sold I didn’t tape them well and the price was almost how much I sold them for I only made a dollar and 65 cents
I thought for sure it would be okay this time because I charged twenty dollars but no.

I read more of undercover princess timing both I spent a hour reading the book

I thinking of getting a trellis for the fake vines in my bedroom but I don’t have measuring tape so have to wait

I think I’m going to to go write some more of my book see how long I have to get Gideon of the nigth hold
Make some spaghetti and tofu

I think I might read for a hour more often it felt soothing like my brain absorbed the feeling of the book

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