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2021-08-19 16:31:06 (UTC)

another day, another cup of coffee.

A lot going on today, made sure my doughter is going to school in a couple of weeks and am sure am not the only parent who is concern about how things will work out for them. I also know it will be anything but normal, I sure hope them going back to school can get them to feel better and socialize like before, kid's have no idea how twisted up this world is now days, the battle against virus is a hard one to beat, I've lost quite a few loved ones to this virus and even though I was though death is part of life, doesn't mean it makes it easier to deal with.
On another note, I have so much work to do yet can't seem to get any of it done, I pull myself out of bed, I'm working on a few proyects this week that I hope I can get done before my next exam, yet having to take care of me and my family has become a little to much, but I will smile and move on, one hour at a time if I have to. hope you are all having a nice day!