Experienced Life
2021-08-19 08:56:31 (UTC)

How to keep my sanity 😊

Ok, many may not agree with me but I need to watch myself and keep my sanity. How? I'm careful on what I watch, read, and dwell on. Some may say I'm sticking my head in the sand. Perhaps. I of course don't want to not know about something like a bridge being out and to turn around. But in general, I don't want to dwell too much into social media. Social media can pick the most dramatic of things that may have happened to someone that was one in 10 thousand and make it seem like the norm. Many many topics that is the flavor of the month right now is causing social media whirlwinds. Flavor of the month are things like Covid, Kneeling during that National Anthem, BLM, Cops, Govt, etc, etc, etc. Seems like the deficit is no longer a concern even though the U.S. is in it's biggest debt and is actually technically bankrupt. School shootings? Not so much at the moment. Yeah. I may skim the surface of things but it's not in my everyday life. Sure, some stuff cramp my style because traveling this year is non existent. I wanted to check out Maui, S Korea, and Canada. Can't now so I can't run away from it all.

However, my day-to-day? Yeah, that won't stop me. I go out. I do social stuff. I hug people. I make new friends. I shop physically at malls. I go camping. I kayak fish. I try new things. Of course, you know I hit the gym twice a day when a lot of people are still afraid to go out due to Covid. I do what I can with what I got because each and every day is what you make of it. You could just sit your ass down at home. Watch Netflix. Watch CNN or FOX. Nah, not me. I mean it's ok to watch it a little but that cannot be your life.

I'm loving how I can now fit in a lot of my what I'd call pre-covid clothes again even though I didn't hit my 160 lb goal. I automatically wake up at 5AM now when I at one point it was impossible to do and borderline sacrilege. hehe. I now can piss off the birds by playing my music in the morning waking them up instead of them waking me up with their bird chatter in the morning. I got their worms. haha. I no longer crave my wine. I thought it'd be hard to stop during this six week challenge but I was wrong. It was easy to stop. No ill effects at all. In fact, when I'm chilling at night and think that I could have a glass of wine as a night cap, I don't. I don't because I know I have an early start at the gym the next morning and I want to be in a good shape to be working out and not wanting to be puking my guts out 1/2 way into the crossfit class. I can get more done now since I'm up earlier. Funny how it seemed like there aren't enough hrs in the day to take care of business. I was wrong. There is but you just need to start you day off early is all.

So even thought the world seems to be going to crap, I found my little spot and have found my little happy place in the middle of this whirlwind. Peace of mind is precious and priceless I think. Maybe one day, I'll be lucky enough and someone will be stupid enough(hehe) to share it with me. If not, I won't dwell on it and will continue to aim high and live my life the best I can. BTW, aim high? Wasn't that in some armed forces commercial at one point? Geez, I'm old.

Oh, I found out what the two Amazon blonds names are now. We teamed up today at the gym. Holly and Haley. Figures :) My friend said you can call them blond 1 and blond 2. In my head, I was thinking Amazon blond 1 and Amazon blond 2. Don't forget to smile folks.