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2021-08-19 18:09:35 (UTC)

im the anti brand brand.

i saw a video on youtube how brands brainwash you all. sending sublinimal messages throught media. slowly like a zombie you lose all your free will and freedom of choice.

i am one of the few lucky ones. the ones who don't go with the brands. i have a brand. its the anti brand. im anti apple and anti samsung and anti all the big league players.

for me it's simple. it it works i like it. i look around and all i see are zombies. from apple to nike. all of you brainwashed. good good. your'e someones pet. hhhaaaa. oh and did i mention the best part? that you won't even know that you have been brainwashed. thats like the ulltimate control. and they have done it. if you look carefully at how they market and promote their stuff. it's in plain sight. but not all can see it.
you can bost all you want about the brands but if you can find a substitute for much less then why the hell would you pay extra? when you buy apple products you aint paying for the tech. you are paying for the brand and the name.

i will and always will love nokia lumia brand. it was practical. it was new in its creative approach. it worked. thats something i can connect to. i can't look at apple and samsung with the same love. i see them as fakes. not worth the money. i would never pay a hundred grand for a phone. not even if i had the money. and yes. apple phones do cost that much when your not in the great murica. even smasung are now in that league.

so many billions of zombies...haaahhh enjoy.


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