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2021-08-19 10:35:16 (UTC)

This and That

I and mom came to our house and sister also tagged in with Naisha as she wasn't confident of handling things alone. Did all cleaning, place is small also old fashioned but wanted change. well, I thought ill sleep alone in my bedroom on my bed but sis again tagged in pheww... NO SPACE !! sometimes I think about her. She totally has tinge of dad's personality. He is quite a selfish, often rude, blunt and arrogant at a times. She was far from mom for almost 5 years, she never visited this house because she did not wanted to see dad. But, few years after she came to meet mom then she got preg and she lived here for long time it was hard but she had no other choice, she is again here because she need us. I cruel to think like that but its the fact. She is here because she is in need. I personally feel sad bad that she wasn't here when mom was ill i did it all alone, she kept giving reason of corona. of course i did not expect of her coming here but if she would have come here to support morally it would have been quite easier for me to tackle. whenever I told her about mom she would cry and feel bad for not visiting because corona was on peak, but now she is here as she wants to be taken care of her. Here i feel how selfish she is. Also, am worried that about mom after I marry, am sure she will keep mom well but not like ill do. she thinks of self first this she got it from dad. She is a nice person, very giving, sympathic, caring but some things about overlaps this. she has made a thing that we should and have to live with her until she needs us. we are trapped, but its not harming us in anyway instead we get to live in a good place although we miss our house. sis knows that too..

Well, this house needs some serious repairs and renovation but, right now we cannot spend money. we can think of it when I get a job. the thing with Accenture is going on lets see. Awaiting response from other companies as well. am sure ill get it soon.

G is sorry for not visiting me and has ensured he will be there EOM or maybe next. I told him to tell me when he is sure. He is a nice guy. calm, positive and easy going person, need to now him more. But after meeting him if I like him ill go ahead with him. I don't want to experiment or wait for better option that way ill just delay.. also I would prefer someone I know causally. pheww..

R is also good but has too many ifs, buts and quite mess in life. But we get quite nice. we are quite similar our thinking and we both can enjoy eachothers company for sure. we easily speak for 2 hrs haha...

V well he is nobody, something reminds me of him but i dont miss him.. I get all reminders form insta on stories like its 2 yrs we had been to alibaugh haha like lol... how cool the days were. nothing much.

alright all that above was this and that of life.... cyaaaa