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2021-08-18 18:33:42 (UTC)

Almost done😊

The last week of my gym challenge. Not gonna enter another one anytime soon. I gave it my all. I will have doubled the mandatory attendance of 30 and will probably end up with 61. I think I got stronger and I better since it was a "stronger" challenge. I modified my meal planning to lose weight too so I had to be a part dietician. Managed to lose only about 9 lbs probably. I was hoping to hit 160 but only got to 165. Maybe that's my appropriate weight? Dunno. I will continue on my own without any more 6 week challenges for awhile. I just need to survive till Friday. Friday is the last day. Actually, it'll be Saturday but Saturday is just a test day. They will run the same tests we ran at the beginning of the challenge and see if we improved. I should be able to increase my plank times. I should also be able to increase my weight on the barbell squat. I don't know if I'll be able to raise my pounds on the overhead press. Meh... not like I'm getting a prize if I do or don't do. It's just going to be a moral victory.

I got to chat with chatterbox blond today. She's nice. Always have something to talk about. I know there will never ever be a sudden quiet moment with her if you ever went out with her. She'll have something to talk about which is kinda cute I guess. She's ok in my book. I stayed in the rec area after class to just greet my old 5:30PM crew. Nice bunch of peeps but I now enjoy the 7AM and 4:30PM sessions better. Seems to fit my schedule better overall. I can work in between and if and when I have to work late (which happens), I can do so at a reasonable time. Traffic isn't so bad coming home at that time and I have an extra hr before it gets too late. That gives me enough time to rest. In the olden days, I could play hard, work hard, drink harder, and somehow survive the next day. But with the double gym thing, you can't mess around. My body is put to the limit so not eating right? I pay the price. Not sleeping enough? I pay even more. Drink too much alcohol? Kiss your butt goodbye in the morning workout. So there is no more wiggle room to abuse my body like before.

I met another nice lady at the gym today. She started chatting with me because she was next to chatty-blond. She's black and she is so sweet and friendly. She looks very close to being in her ideal shape. You can see she's hitting the gym and is almost at the "hard body" stage physically. Almost. She knows me and I think I'm supposed to know her but I don't. I don't even know her name or how long she's been at the gym. I'm so stupid. Men I tell you, if not for women, we'd be so messed up and wouldn't even be able to find our way home. hehe.

Otherwise, it's been a good day today. Time for my 3rd and final shower but after my body calms down. I can feel my metabolism is still cranking away so I need to relax otherwise I'd be sweaty again after showering and that's icky when you're trying to sleep at night.

Still thinking about going to Reno for a few days next week just to chill and have a cheap vacation. The fires here in California is bad. I can smell the ashes even in Sacramento and the fires are pretty far away. The fires must be intense if I can smell it this far away.

The boxing match is this Saturday. The odds are now -330 for Manny. Yeah...not gonna place a bet on that. I don't even know if I'm going to pay the ppv for that match. The replacement fighter isn't as high ranking as the previous opponent that bowed out so it's not as exciting.