Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-08-18 19:51:41 (UTC)

Roary Ruffing It :)

It began as a dodgy ole day in mama lioness' fortress today, lol :))
Firstly, last nights whisky, blues and sloooow moves put me into a lovely tipsy bubble......Until......A loud screeching of pain overpowered my blues, beaming out of our french doors into the great outdoors. Immediately I mute the music and it's our kitty, our baby demon only a year old and still discovering the world around her, having her first psyche-off with a resident cat.

Aww, bless her, I run out to her ready to get my ROOOAAAARR on, and the other cat fleed from the gap at the end of the garden and our baby lioness stopped dead still in utter shock. I haven't put lighting out in my garden yet, it's a job that me and my daughter are doing at the end of this month, with our other gardening bits. So it all took our baby lioness by shock, it took her some time to calm down, but I scooped her up in my arms and brought her into safety, shut the doors and my daughter stayed with her, trying to comfort her. Awww.

She's fine today, sheepishly checked out the attempted murder scene very very carefully and slowly and all is good, but tonight she is sitting right by the french doors, two paws away from the safety zone of mama lioness :))

It's clearer a little more tonight, hopefully from the wide-open expanse of sky from my garden, we might see some stars.

I awoke feeling very dodgy and ill, from 5 am right up until gone 9 am my stomach and my legs were imitating menstruation pains, without any menstruation. I don't bleed you see, because of the contraceptive pill. The pains passed but it was replaced with full-on exhaustion, even though I had seven hours of sleep only hours before. Began to feel normal again around 6 pm-ish. Weird.

I dragged myself through my work today, in the comfort of my home, and around 4 pm I stopped, and my daughter and I played a multiplayer game called "World War Z" together with two other people for a few hours. It might be a game but my young lioness is a leader for sure, brave and gets right up there in the warzone, lol. I had to save her a few times with health packs because she just goes charging in there to obliterate the zombies. Good girl xxxx

Phil has been sending me funny stuff. He has a date on Saturday as he has a few days off work, oooooh!! Jammy fucker, I want a date with a tasty man, but they don't exist so, is what it is, lol.
My ole pal "J" who Prime gave a job again has come back and worked in one of my branches now, I see him on Monday at the branch when I dropped by after seeing two of my builders and my brother on sites. "J" was pleased to see me, we parted ways when I parted ways with my ex-partner of six years, "J" used to come out with us to jam nights in local pubs and to gigs too, but my ex hated our close friendship and so got between us.

Johnny the psychiatrist didn't stay nice for long, he went awol for a few days so I sent him a text this morning saying, "See ya, good luck" and left it like that. I've enough to be concerned about keeping life afloat being the only breadwinner and parent to my daughter now, to be worrying about a grown arse man acting like a child with little care or respect for me. So, good luck to him. Not going to entertain that crap.

Other than that, looking forward to the end of next week when I am off work for some more holiday time :))