Experienced Life
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2021-08-18 09:20:00 (UTC)

Final week!! 😱👍

This Friday will be the end of the 6th and final week of this challenge. I ran my body pretty ragged. No one does two a day or at least not 5 times a week for all these weeks. Did it change me? Meh..dunno for sure. I took a body scan before the challenge and I get another free one at the end of this week. That will tell the tale. I think I notice my core, shoulders, and arms may have improved shape-wise but that body scan will tell all. It will lay it all out there for me with no bias. hehe

My arms are exhausted. My shoulders hurt. My legs were sorta jello-ish this morning. Who lifts heavy crap in the morning when you shouldn't be lifting anything heavier than a full cup of coffee? Speaking of..let me grab a cup. At least that's what's in Mondo's book of morning rules and regs. Pulling up my shorts after going to the restroom seems like a feat. Yet, even if nothing physically improves for me, the natural chemicals flowing inside of me is so relaxing and the world can be on fire and I'm still chill. Wait!! The world is pretty much on fire huh?

The gym was fun this morning. One small problem is that people that now know me and greet me and say "Hi Mondo?"....well, I sorta don't know their names yet. Too many new peeps is my excuse but the real issue is because I'm stupid! hehe. I have nicknames for them internally but until I know them well enough for them to know I kid around a lot, I won't be able to call the two tall blonds "Amazon blond 1 and Amazon blond 2" just yet. I have more but we won't go into that today. Some of the ladies are from slavic countries too so they have long fricking names and consonants in sequence that makes it hard to pronounce. hehe. I should tell then to call me by my nickname and nickname myself like our State fish. The "Humuhumunukunukuapuaa" and let them sweat that out. I do have one friend here that can say it so I give her credit to be an honorary Hawaiian for the day.

Well, work schedule is amazingly light today. Asshat boss should be busy in his mtgs so he should be giving me a break. Life is good. Smile even though you don't feel like it. Muscle memory will kick in. Your brain will then release some itty-bitty molecules like dopamine, serotonin, and other cool stuff that your mind and body needs. Not quite like an orgasm but meh..beggars can be choosy. 🤪