La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-08-18 15:51:02 (UTC)

magical villages

This past week went to visit some old friends and they took us to a couple of Pueblos Magicos so beautiful I felt I was in Europe, surrounded in pine trees with little houses with red roof tops, and stoned streets, the smell of baked bread, almost felt like Bell in beauty and the beast movie LOL. The food was incredible, and the second magic town we went to, was a little difrent looked like Germany tall homes with red roof tops stoned streets and mimes filled the streets you couldn't tell weather they where real or not, absolutly awsome. We then went to a place where they make pulque, is a fermented Maguey drink the taste is very unique but the happy feeling you get after drinking it was like anything I've ever expirienced, it was wonderful I couldn't stop smilling. Real del Monte and Mineral del Chico are so worth visiting in Hidalgo Mexico. I'm still planning on going to diffrent pueblos this year, but have to wait for my son to get back home at the end of the year. I'm also trying to figure out something wonderful for my 40th BD. so feeling excited about a few things things this morning. Be happy life's to short for grudges. :)