Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2021-08-18 00:00:00 (UTC)

All the feeling, those yesterday’s feelings

Years gone by, things come and gone. We changed as the years went by, worn down by the wind. Not who we used to be, our paths only crossed, we were going in different directions and I realised we were both still lost.

I’ve sat read what little is left of the old days. Pictures and photos aren’t something I’ve ever really held on to, but the words force open the door the back of my mind. It stays closed more often now, it keeps me “normal” to not let it out. Years were spent trying to show me I wasn’t ugly, although I wouldn’t listen and lashed back when I couldn’t understand. Now it’s too late, but my day will come.

Life has changed, everything’s moved on. It’s been a while since I stood in the foot prints of my past, but they were still there in my mind. People came and went but there’s few that truly saw. There was only my shadow until I peeped through the door.

No one has ever really seen the blade in my hand, it’s slender enough that eyes slide right off it. But some have come close, I’ve realised in life it’s easier to fight this war on my own, people don’t really understand which is no fault of theirs. We’re broken you see, but you have to be broken to see.

Olive branch of ash, was all I really had. Not strong enough, but that was my fault.