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2021-08-17 22:44:08 (UTC)

I'm not blind 🧐

I'm not in the land of rainbows and unicorns. I fail at many things. I know there are bad things going on in my State, Country, other countries and society in general. But I don't feel I need to post it here. It's all over social media as it is already. I experience goals not being achieved or relationships that don't bloom. But who wants to hear about that really? Nope, I see the positives in life. I never stop trying to find the positive in anything and everything I can. I fail like I already said but even those things have some positives I can learn from.

Today, I was having a good day at work. Then asshat boss decides to toss something my way to muck it all up. Pisses me off on how incompetent he is and I'm thinking in the back of my head that he should retire. IT work takes a lot of skills. Not just IT crap but people skills, project management skills, training skills and other things which he lacks. But, I also look at how i don't have to work more then 50 hrs a week and I do get paid decent enough where I spend my money probably on things I really don't need. For example, recently bought a few MMA boxing gloves for when we hit the punching bags at the gym? I already have a pair and that should be enough right? Nope, I bought 4 more. hehe. Just a tad bit of an overkill for a pretend wannabe boxer like me. So with all this, I can take my bosses asshat behavior and be able to still enjoy work.

The gym almost always leaves me in some sort of residual pain the next day from sore muscles. Well, not lately but from time to time it does. And it sucks. But then again, I wake up and find something in the morning hard to do like just sitting on a toilet, bending down to pick something off of the floor, or even taking off my shirt sometimes. Still sound like a complaint right? Not really because I am able to laugh at myself when I start to squat on my toilet and I end up just plopping down on it because it hurts. Sometimes I stop when I pull a tight t shirt off of me and I stop half way through with my face still covered and I'm telling myself "ouch" but still midway from my shirt only half off thinking how stupid I look at that moment. It make me laugh at myself and I'm ok with that. I also know that in the long run, I'll be more toned and it'll pay off too.

You know how sometimes you're with someone that is always holding that virtual sign of "the end is near"? By that, I mean the peeps that are predicting the world is turning to crap but does nothing about it. They be-atch like so many people but when it's really counts, I believe only 1 out of 2 end up voting? This is where you have the most power to do something about it and they don't vote? Contrary to popular beliefs, posting it on Facebook is not a vote. So yeah, I rarely post about stuff like that.

You know that guy/gal that is fun to be with? that person that seems to use make the day a little bit easier by doing nothing and maybe just being there in a good mood? Well, I am that guy. You can make a difference at least by making a difference with the people directly around you. I try anyway. Took a breather after class because it was hot and I sat in the lounge till my friends in the next session came. My friend came to fist bump me. I guess that's a thing? Other came and did the same and my friend shakes his head and smiles. Then he tells me "Everyone knows you huh?" and laughed.

I do feel bummed out about something though. I admit I kind of fell for someone but it wasn't reciprocated. Then as if something in me took over and told me that it was ok. Good to know it early on and I should feel good that there is that part of me that is pretty caring and can still produce that special emotion for someone. I should feel great that my heart isn't dead inside. Be very happy that I am still able to give and feel this is very special and should never be taken for granted by myself. At least that's what I feel like I'm being told. So thinking that makes me smile and warm inside. Instead of being on the opposite end of the spectrum. It may have helped me value that special feeling even more now. Like my Alexa reminds me first thing in the morning "Love yourself as much as you would others". Yes, it's from a machine but still a good reminder for myself. Along with that, my Alexa also has "orgaxm" on my shopping list. hehe.

This is all I got for now diary. Life isn't perfect, society isn't perfect, but I'm finding the good where I can and I sleep well and loving life. BTW, my abs. Sometimes it looks like it's not bad looking. It's like at the early very early stages of having nice abs. You know, like a piece of clay about to be molded into a partial statue starting at the abs? Well that's me. But not where is somewhat formed. It's at the stage of like when you take out that chunk of clay out of the plastic and plop it on that wooden platform? Yeah, that's me. That lump of clay with a lot of imagination put into it... and lighting....can't forget the lighting. hehe. Good night peeps. Don't forget to smile like the village idiot. You life will be all the better for it.