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2021-08-17 23:42:52 (UTC)

Space Cadet Swipes Right for Paulette

Dr. Wood LXIII

I wanted to write an entry yesterday but I opted for lazing out instead. Like I actually had plenty of time to do stuff yesterday – just decided to visit the “nah” department though. Oh, that’s right – I had a bit of a headache last evening. Nothing bad, nothing I had to take any medicine for (granted, I very, very rarely ever use painkillers for stuff) – just one of those headaches where I had to kinda prop my fist up behind my noggin and press it against it as I sat back in my chair so that the pressure would alleviate the discomfort. It was one of those mild headaches that went away with rest. It’s very inconvenient, though, when I have such a headache and I have to wear a frown so as to lessen its effect. I partially blame yesterday’s interview for it. It was more intensive than I expected. Unlike the one where I just had to talk to one of the HR people like it was a regular conversation, this one was much more formal. Three members of underwriting leadership (all of whom I worked with, to one extent or another), had prepared a total of like 10 questions for me to answer. These were very job interview-like questions, with many of them being the situational sort. Like, “name a time when you faced this kind of adversity and how you responded to it.” I understand why those kinds of questions are asked at interviews, and I understand that there’s usually an expectation that the interviewee isn’t gonna answer them perfectly… but holy cow I wasn’t prepared for that level of questioning. Foolishness on my part, as I thought knowing the interviewers would have given me quite a bit of leeway. Again, though, I get it – I’m competing with both internal and external candidates, and they all need to undergo the same process. So to them, I was a stranger who hadn’t worked with them before, with my only real edge-up being the sheer quantity of experiences I could draw from to answer their questions, and the fact that they would know the jargon I used to describe those experiences (‘cause there’s nothing like interviewing for a job where you talk about obscure concepts from a previous job to answer questions about achievements and work challenges). I still think I did all right, but it was an uneasy feeling. I know they all think highly of me as they’ve commended me numerous times, so I’m hoping that merit alone would secure me an underwriting position. I think it’s safe to say that if I don’t get the position, then I really sucked at the interview. I’ll find out the results next week.

Luckily, my headache went away when I finished Paulette’s route in Maitetsu. Or at least, it figuratively went away. If I ever decide to get another dakimakura cover (don’t worry, Hifumi, this is the distant future we’re talking about), I want to get a commission for Paulette Hinai. I say “commission” because I don’t think one exists right now, or at least I don’t think one is available to buy from a legitimate source. And I know there’s recency bias in play (I just learned that term from someone from The Friends Club) since I just completed her route, so I might eat my words later. But hey, I wanna at least write it once so I can later reread it and see how head over heels I went for her. See – Maitetsu has one of the most likeable casts of characters I’ve ever seen in a franchise. It’s possible that being part of a VN helps that claim; I know the cast of Clannad had a very similar effect (though I had some reservations about Kyou… sorry Kyou, even though I still love you overall). But like, there’s not a single main character that I dislike. At all. They’re all incredible. I love that there was no intention to create a cast of characters simply by filling up archetypal slots. “Add a tsundere, add a kuudere, add a dense MC, chuck in an annoying friend… and stick it in the oven!” Don’t get me wrong – there is ALWAYS room in my weeby heart for that kind of stuff. I love that stuff in its own right. Some of the most tropey anime can be some of the most entertaining. I love derederes, I adore danderes, and I’m down with kuuderes. Yanderes are fun as fudge, too. Tsunderes often bug me, but I like what they bring to certain series. And I enjoy watching dense MCs, or Yuuki Ritos who are kind and ultimately gentlemanly but still find a way to screw up and piss off a bunch of girls. I like tropey stuff like that! And I’m just now realizing that I’m describing harem anime, but I guess that’s applicable because one could consider Maitetsu to be a harem. It’d be a lower-level harem as far as the story goes, though – kind of in the same vein as Clannad.

Anyway I completely went off on a tangent there… what I wanted to say was that because the characters aren’t just boxes on a checklist, they have some really unique and likeable traits, even though clearly none of them are perfect (not in the literal sense, at least). While Hachiroku and Hibiki absolutely melt my heart ‘til it seeps through my toenails, Paulette is just… let’s just say, if she was real, I would marry her. If she wanted kids, I’d go as far as rescinding every bit of personal doctrine to never have kids so that I could make that happen for her (I’m am totally all talk right now but fudge it, I’ll roll with it). Where do I start in describing her allure? Well, when it comes to people – of the fictional world or the nonfictional world – I find kindness to be extremely attractive. Same with having a capacity to be independent, self-sustaining and personally responsible. Paulette, as the gentle yet hardworking mayor of Ohitoyo and president of the Ohitoyo Rail Company, embodies that entirely. Calm with only occasional moments of (adorable) fluster, incredibly selfless, mature, knowledgeable, level-headed, humble, very down-to-earth, never sharp-tongued (is the opposite “dull-tongued”? XD), and receptive to others’ input. Certainly not without her flaws, but everything I just mentioned vastly compensates. She is just… goodness gracious… I mean, I know I’ll never be like Sotetsu (the main character) since he’s just generally got a lot more gumption than me. But if the “canon route” is for Sotetsu to get with Hachiroku or Hibiki or whomever besides Paulette… then Paulette, please slide into my DMs. Matter fact – I’ma break the no-girlfriend rule and put out a posting stating that I’m looking for candidates with the following qualifications: 1.) is Paulette Hinai; 2.) see #1. How’s THAT for a job interview?

Trust me, I have my marbles. They’re in far corners of the world, I’ll admit. But if I know exactly where they’re at, then it means I haven’t lost them. Romantic relationships are really no longer something I want to partake in. Yet I still have romantic inclinations (not confusing this with libido… I don’t think…), and I think one way that helps channeling them is through simp sessions like these. “Simp sessions”… that has a nice, kinda funny ring to it. Yeah, this is just what I do. I help push millions of dollars in insurance sales by day, and I dote on cute, ideal blonde anime women by night. Rinse and repeat. And then I go visit family, spur new connections with relatives I never talk to, laugh about stupid stuff with my brother, cherish being with live people, and make every hug matter like a normal, respectable human. And then I come back home and spray Valentine’s Day Carnival on my daki before I hug it so hard I accidentally perform the Kotal Kahn “Tight Squeeze” fatality from Mortal Kombat X. This is just my personal duality that makes me happy.

I think I’ll be writing another entry pretty soon as I have some other unrelated stuff to talk about. Eric introduced me to MrBallen on Youtube, who is known for creating content about the strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format (that’s a word-for-word description of what he does, as told by MrBallen himself). I have been addictively fascinated to watching these videos while working, they’re REALLY engaging. But there are some stories that kind of effed with me a little (not in a scarring way, just a heavily thought-provoking one), and I kinda wanna talk about them soon. Oh – I picked the new anime that I’m gonna watch, and it’s Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, which is visually astounding so far! Seems really cute and I’m interested in seeing how the romantic drama continues to unfold in it. Also watched the first episode of Kanokon last night because I wanted a mindless ecchi show too, but I don’t yet have an impression of it. Ah, and I did also start the Makura route last night, which I think is going to be a lot shorter than the “big 3” routes from what I heard. Think I’ll play more of that before I go to bed. Makura is mega mature and – I’ll just say it – straight-up hot. But I’m pretty confident no one’s gonna top Paulette. Change my mind.

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