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2021-08-17 18:33:00 (UTC)


See the thing is, I wouldn't necessarily drool over some random, real-life person I don't know.
Even when it comes to fictional characters, I'm not going to immediately simp for them...in most cases.
For example, Erwin fudging Smith.
A hottie. A commander. A legend. 3 in 1. He has it all. Thighs. Voice. Personality. Therapy. Face.
What is there not to like? Maybe the slightest bit of humanity he's lacking to get the job done but,,, c'mon.
So if someone toldmehehadahugeth------iwouldn'tthinkthatwerentthetruthtbhbcuzhesaliteraldilfbutanyways
But he's the only one. He was one of my two favs from that show. I've never really seen the appeal of certain physical features unless I became attached to the character.
I've never felt attraction to a person irl, hence the asexual thing. But that may be subject to change, especially with my lack of experience.
Or maybe it is simply a matter of emotional and romantic attraction.