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2021-08-17 20:42:00 (UTC)

The Fuckering of my Guttering

Opened the front door today to the man coming to fix my guttering, ten trillion miles up into the sky, that's how high up it is.

I was working at home today, hair unbrushed, scruffily put up in a mess on top of my head, no makeup, jogger bottoms on, and a white fitted old t-shirt, in my unwired, black bra that does nothing for my tits.

Who gives a fuck what you look like, toiling your wares away earning your dosh at home, eh? I don't, lol. Clearly.

I'd stopped for five mins at 11 am-ish and made a toastie that dripped a piece of a hot tomato onto my t-shirt....whatever 🤷‍♀️

Door bells rings, I think,"Ah, for fucksake. Every bloody time". I answer the door, looking a mess, tomato stain on my white t-shirt and not much care for it. He briefly looks at my face while saying he is here to fix my guttering (lol) it's a tiny disconnection of the tubes my Chinese neighbour pointed out 🙄 as the man says this his eyes sail downwards to my tits.

I stupidly think, he is looking at my tomato stain on my white t-shirt and thinking, "Scruffy cow"... Even with that thought, I still didn't give a fuck. So I straighten my stature as his eyes return to my face, and as I straighten in defiance LOL his eyes return to my chest area.

As he walks off around the side of my house, I turn briefly and look into my hallway mirror...."Oh, fuck!", my nipples were rock hard and protruding my white t-shirt. Hahaha 🤣😂🤣😂 I felt like such a knob! The dude didn't care for my tomato stain but my nips saying, "Hiyaz"


Turns out he couldn't finish the job (the guttering - not me!) and is coming back Thursday. Yeah, yeah, whatever you pervy fucknut.

Tipsy on whisky and blues now....I want the stars but it's overcast 🙄 Knobby weather 🤷‍♀️

Phil wanted me to call back...Cant be arsed