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2021-08-17 10:26:22 (UTC)

More Friend Requests 😊

Ok, this merging of the two gyms are getting me a lot of new friend requests from the other gym. I consider the peeps from the other gym date-able? Not sure. I mean, it kinda is not local to my gym anymore. All my friend requests that came in are all women and one dude. Nice guy though. I like him. I noticed some profiles indicate "single" the women's of course. Don't care about the dudes. I looked at mine and apparently, I left mine blank. So... yup, I tagged myself single because because. I know this is silly and borderline millennial stuff when it comes to how important or actually meaningless it really means but it's not like people are pounding on my door asking to be my friend so I will take what little ego boost I'm getting. I know all this means is that I'm just the flavor of the month guy and they'll move on to someone else new when the time comes. I will enjoy my month for now. BTW, I actually got a participation trophy. It's actually a participation certificate but same-old-same-old.

My meetup friend asked if I'm going camping this weekend. We usually camp near each other because we get along well. Even her kiddos like me and I always bring all the kitchen gear so life is easier camping next to me. I have the end of the challenge party that Saturday and Pacman is fighting Ugas that Saturday night too and although I didn't place a bet on this fight, it's one of Pacman's last fight so I'll want to watch this as there will not be another fighter like him in a hundred years. We are watching an icon so this will be his last or 2nd to the last fight ever.

Here is my symbolic participation trophy

Other than that, all is good. Drama free. Flowers are blooming nicely. All is good. Life is somewhat good I guess. Back feel 99% better.

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