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2021-08-17 22:59:42 (UTC)

You know what...

What would be absolutely ironic is if the Taliban actually bring about some progress in the country and do what coudnt be done all this while ..

If you white people say they are terrorists then you're wrong. Look at your own country. You fuckers attack and hate peoole of a different shade living in your own town. So don't give me that bs. All you humans are alike. You kill when it suits you. Period.

No other country has a beef with the east. Then why the fuck did the great murica stick their asses there for so long?? All you people should protest against the amount of money wasted there. Make them cut the fundings. Spend more on education and shit. Isn't it obvious already. The shareholders who profit from war. Using your tax money to make weapons. Haahaha. Noooobs.

If you have watched suicide squad 2. The part where Harley is tied up and hanging. Right before she gets that dude in a leg lock. Observe her facial expression. Her eyes. You can literally see her switch to psycho mode. That is acting. Bravvvo..

I remember when Van Helsing came out. It's all we ever talked about. Before Wolverine it's was his iconic role as the monster hunter. What an actor.


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