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2021-08-17 14:37:06 (UTC)

Gangs of...

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I am not in a hurry to mention that the best way for me to conduct myself is to act like I matter.
Some friends that are vocal in their own way. Due to limitations there are some ideas that are better left unexpressed.

When I spoke to the “Gangs of Clairton”
• Complete disdain for me and my situation
• Jealousy and anger on a spiritual level. People just wanted the American dream FROM me
• There are 3”r’s with the most important of them being revenge.
So many unique exceptions. Twins in a superstitious society. Infidelity and gender shaming before we really got a sense of the way we were. Hypermasculinity and the continuity of the struggle. People as attachments that don't necessarily "mean you no good"

When you find a woman you find a beautiful thing, but there was a serious stigma about mixing home life with the outside world. It was from that platform that I listened to the crickets in the kitchen, made the best fried chicken, and made pepperoni lasagna. I loved dance and cheer especially baton all of my life, and I wanted my GIRLS TO DO ONE (1) season on the parade circuit. I don’t know where it found me in all the confusion but I maintained a gentle and decent discipline as often as possible.

No adult wants to watch their child rush into danger.
So let’s pretend like it’s the army and not the Gangs of Clairton.

inspired by my Baldy Waldy
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#BullMooseCD #MyBabyaintnoWalmart
#ThatBabylandBitch! #WeSleepHere

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