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2021-08-17 11:36:21 (UTC)

Astral Travel to an Old Friend

Last night I astral travelled again, I visited my South African friend who I haven't spoken to for over a year. I had been thinking about him, wondering how he was doing. Regardless of the fact, towards the end of our friendship (during the time I was selling my old house) he kept in contact daily, with the agenda of asking me for thousands of pounds the moment I sold my house. Yes, unfortunately, betrayed once again, it is no wonder my faith in humans is shot to shit. I never gave him any money. Although, I had bought him and his family things a couple of years prior to us knowing one another. You offer a branch, and they take the tree and the roots and the soil that keeps you alive.

Humans are a selfish bunch. Alway's taking more, always wanting, always deceiving and taking advantage of trust, a vile lot.

However, my thoughts pondered on how he was coping, not with any desire to contact him though, just a curiosity. So last night, I travelled astrally and saw him. He was with his mother, he was content, far more content than he had previously mentioned he was, I spent some time lingering, feeling his feelings, his mother's, the atmosphere. He was alright. But there was something that kept me there, I don't know what it was other than it was something to do with him, an emotional need that he cannot verbalise. I tried to leave, I was being pulled back home to my responsibilities but as I was about to, an aggressive storm engulfed the ocean, the waves were so high they were frightening, the power of the ocean was felt. Holding me back, keeping me there. I knew I couldn't leave until it passed and in the time designated, I was to probe deeper into his psyche and see where I could help, once back in my body in our reality.

I was concerned (especially after the recent spiritual attack) that I wasn't going to be able to return in time to recover properly the next day (today) when I awoke. If you astral travel too long, to in-depth, and especially if you return too fast, it takes time for your soul to reconnect to your physical body, of course, it does entirely but I have found in those instances mentioned, I am very dazed and blurry minded the whole day after waking up.

The storm wailed and the angry waters bouldered over one another, crashing down at the back door of his home, entering the house but stopping a few feet in. Its other purpose and meaning was he was drowning in emotional turmoil, and then I knew what was wrong with him. His secret is held enclosed within him because he is determining whether his faith in his religion was truly serving him, he toiled and muttered through his thoughts, as to how he struggles so much yet has devoted his entire life to his God, praying five times a day every day since a very young child and being in his thirties now. Unmarried, no children, no career, no friends. He dared not utter a word to his mother, family, or even to his God. He was fearful of judgement, unknowing his God, Spirit, even me knew his thoughts. Something he would never accept is possible.

I knew what I needed to do when I was awake back in my body. I knew I had to contact him and talk to him about this, but I haven't. It's a case of not forgiving him for the agenda he put upon me, I am usually able to forgive, I have forgiven the most heinous of acts of what some people did to me as a young girl and woman. So, the whole journey taught me a few things and his need. I know what I have to do for me, for him. Not because of any connection I feel to him, this is all spiritual. Lessons, teachings. For both.

As soon as I learned what really was going on with him, the man behind what is not shown to the world. And learned what I need to do - forgive. The ocean subsided, calm shores returned and I travelled 'home' back to myself and woke up shortly after a period of nothingness.

When I have done what I need to do, I will contact him and do what I need to there.