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2021-08-17 11:26:20 (UTC)

Cancer Sticks

I've only had three PCR tests (Covid tests) since Covid began. I had concerns earlier this yer, as to why my daughter's school was insisting on testing her and all other children (over 1000) in her school regularly twice a week. It seemed too much, twice a week? Every week? Considering that children are not supposed to be carriers and are unlikely to catch it unless they have underlying health issues that attack their immune system.

So I researched and did some investigating on the ingredients in the PCR tests. I found that the sticks that are used to scrap your tonsils and up your nose are sterilised in Ethylene Oxide. So I googled Ethylene Oxide and found that "In smaller amounts, ethylene oxide is used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent. The ability of ethylene oxide to damage DNA makes it an effective sterilizing agent but also accounts for its cancer-causing activity."

Then I asked my daughter to give me the two boxes of PCR tests she was given by the school to bring home and use weekly. The idea is on each packet the stick is kept in it has a unique number, when she has done the test you go onto the government website or a section on the school website and type in code and my daughter's name and the result, positive or negative.

Then I go onto the NHS website and type in ingredients for Covid 19 self-test rapid antigen test. The test sticks were kept in two large boxes that are blue and white. Direct from NHS to the school to my daughter. On the website, it confirms the sticks have Ethylene Oxide on them. Then I look at the blue and white box the test sticks are in, these are made in China and manufactured for the department of health and social care, Westminster, London.

Needless to say, I told my daughter at the point earlier on in the year that my daughter will not be shoving those sticks up her nose or down her throat ever again and if her school has a problem with it, or causes her issues, she will still refuse and tell them to call me. If they try to pressure me, then I would deregister my daughter from the schooling system and her birth certificate also from the system, so my child is truly mine to make decisions for. As it stands, any child registered with a birth certificate is property of the government. This is why social services can take your children from you and courts can keep them from you, and you're helpless to do anything.

However, by doing this you then hinder your child ever getting a bank account, loans, mortgages, passports, drivers licence and more, because this is how our governments control us and predominantly own us all the moment you are registered as a baby with a birth certificate. However, it is not illegal to deregister your child from the schooling system, which in theory in state schools, teaches them fuckall worth knowing to get through life. It is just a nursery for all schooling ages.

Don't shove those sticks up your kids' noses or yours. Unless, you want cancer.

On another note, I was sent a text from the NHS last week telling me I can get my Vaccine Passport now. I regret having the Pfizer vaccine twice, my health has definitely seen a difference since having them. I wish I could rinse my system out but you can't, it's done, but I shall not be accepting any boosters going forward and my daughter is certainly not having the vile unregulated vaccine. As for their vaccine passport, well, Boris Johnson can shove that up his giant arse. And if they try to take our homes, livelihoods and tell us when and where we can go anymore. Then I shall sell up everything, take my daughter and set up home in woodlands. Sounds dire, I know, but I'd rather live and be alive than live and feel dead.