The Covid Diaries
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2021-08-16 23:06:47 (UTC)

Facebook guy

Is it weird that this random Facebook guy just messages me out of nowhere and asked me if, I'm single and did the most Cheesy pick up line ever. I forgot how the pick up line went but geez do something better at least but it was cute of him. And then he called me and I was thinking to myself," Alreeady ?"

But then I thought maybe he called by mistake and he said he did when I called him back and we got to talking because I didn't have nothing else to do while I was at work since I was basically done with my stuff and just chilling in the dug out by myself. I was trying to make M jealous as I was on the phone but the vacuum was to loud enough for him to hear but I heard him cutt it off a couple times or so.

J use to talk to me but idk what happened with her or what's her problem she's been MIA with this other lady Cynthia another housekeeper.

Me and my mother had to go back on base and give the guest what they needed because some of the housekeepers didn't do their job and got complaints at the front desk but luckily two of them was in theie room and we just gave it to them but the first one we hung it on the door in the bags.

I'm so relieved to be off work tomorrow and off work period.

Maybe I can sip me a drink here and their and read my book so I don't be in a reading slump because it be hard to get into a book I wanna get into so yea.

- A