The Covid Diaries
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2021-08-15 17:31:47 (UTC)

Smooth Day

Work was smooth today. I was able to finish everything before lunch time even though I wasn't able to get my lunch until, after break. I asked my mother couldn't she bring me lunch but then I said nvm because she kept complain about how she was off work and she didn't feel like coming all the way out here on base but she did the food anyways when I would've waited until I got off work which was at 3.

And she said that she wasn't gonna do it next time. I just wish I had a car so all this could've been avoided.

I think M likes me but I'm not sure if, he does. But maybe sexually. We were the only two in the dug out until he had to go somewhere else and do grass and now I'm here all alone. I brought my book so I won't be so bored.

I was reading the first book of Zane and was like 100 pages in or so but then I got bored with all the sex scenes with different stories and started on After and I'm in page like 46 or 47.

I also bought 4 books yesterday. I wanted to buy more but I was trying to limit my paycheck until my next paycheck then I could buy more books.

I actually forced my mother to come into Books A Million and my Grandmother but they were looking at magazines while I was suggesting on which book to get and I got Six of Crows ( which I heard A LOT about) and also Anna and the French kiss ( also what I heard a lot about).

They didn't have the off-campus series which I thought they would've and I was shocked to hear. I guess I have to go online and buy the whole series even though I'm reading the book now from my play books. I downloaded it. I still want the actual book and to read it again. Its a really good book in my opinion.

I had subway for lunch but not the 6 inch long. Or,however long the sandwich be. Lol! I just wanted to make a dirty joke.

Sorry not sorry !


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