Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-15 16:13:26 (UTC)

It’s 235 but I’m stuck in my ..

It’s 235 but I’m stuck in my morning routine I still haven’t done my hair o ate Breakfast gonna do that now I learned I might have not broken the sewing machine but I need a hair dryer to dry it
My mom still doesn’t want to talk to me but that’s fine with me I have my dad and myself I had this winx club dream that my brain thinks is real (like a reall story) but is probably in my head I guess I’m dreaming of winx club because of all the fairy core stuff

I woke up early but I was trying very hard to fix my PayPal but it didn’t work I need someone to help me
Before the 30th

T is coming at 6pm Idk if she’s breaking work hours because 6pm is late
I feel werid (t is my social worker )

I don’t think she’s going to help me today just drop off some gifts
I wish she would help me with all my bankproblems

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