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2021-08-16 08:10:57 (UTC)

Can't login to work ๐Ÿ˜Š

We are having issues teleworking. Can't login to our virtual desktops. Poor me. hehe. So....I'm gonna play here for awhile. Recap on the weekend. Didn't do much really except the minimum mandatory stuff. Got my new car battery so that's good to go for awhile. I really should make an effort to drive my car at least once a week but meh.. it is what it is. I'll still get a trickle charger.

Got my truck washed and a funny thing happened when I went yesterday. The car wash is at this convenience store/gas station. So I'm pumping gas and another truck pulls on on the other side of my pump. A Chevy Silverado. It looked like it has some upgrades done to it. Rims, tires, and a lift kit with tinted windows. Anyway, I go into the store to get my receipt and that's where my car wash code will be. Exiting the store, the driver of the Silverado passes me by headed into the store and tells me "Nice truck". I'm thinking in my head "I would never get a late model Silverado with all it's problems. Sucks to be you" but instead, I say "You have a nice truck too". Anyway, that was that. I go around the store where the automatic car wash is and after it's done, I pull into an empty space to dry off the remnants of water drops still on my truck. Well, the same driver of the Silverado pulls up to me and asks me what year my truck is and they really like my truck. I'm thinking "Oohh, nice blond. Internally in my head I'm thinking..Activate flirt mode. Then the rear windows roll down and I see three more blonds or brown haired ladies. Then I'm thinking "Oh crap. Activate panic mode". In an instant, I was thankful that on a Sunday morning I actually got up earlier and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and had on nice clothes that accentuated me just right. Usually on a Sunday, I'm maybe in old gym short with no undies, a ragged t shirt on that I used to sleep in and maybe flip-flops because I'm too lazy to put on socks. Hair would be a mess so I'd jut put on a hat. I was sooo thankful that I actually got ready before I went to the car wash. Still, too many women all at once and I just sorta...froze. hehe. Yup. Wimp. I just smiled and said thank you blah blah blah. She broke the ice and I couldn't man up to make something of it. So...... no dates, no nothing. Had my chance and blew it. Got too nervous with that many women. I swear, I know I said this before but my truck will get laid before I do.

I was able to go to Costco for groceries. Bought my normal healthy food like broccoli, spinach, spring mix and other healthy stuff. Bought another tub of turmeric? I think that's how it's spelled. Supposedly it helps with the joints. Mine don't hurt but the way I bang up my body at the gym, I thought why not and give it a try. This is my 2nd tub so I will give it a go for a few months and see if I notice any difference. Anyway, I brought this up because I got that "what's in the shopping cart" question again. I didn't mind at all. Just tells me I'm not invisible again. I also forgot to water my roses so I had to get another bunch. These have a combo of red, white, and pink. I like red but the contrast in colors for this bunch makes it appealing too.

On a more serious note, I still am getting reminders from Amazon photos of last year's events. I was looking bad. I had at least a 6" scar starting from an inch above the back of my hairline down my neck. Not gonna post that unless someone want's to see it. Bleh ๐Ÿคฎ. Sis took a photo of it and it looked bad. Ugh.. Like I mentioned before. Pics are tied to the emotion at the time and I only can recall pain. Lots and lots of pain. Because I lost so much blood, I was weak as effe too. Funny they took a blood test after surgery and told me I was low on red and white blood count. Duh!! No poop Sherlock!! You didn't need to take a test to figure that out. Just look at my bedsheet that was soaked and it'll tell you I lost a lot of blood. Good news is... I survived!!! Hahahaha. Many peeps at the gym don't even realize what I had to come back from. They don't need to know really. But when they say their tired, hurting, etc, etc, I think to myself "uh uh" girly-man. Man up!! jk.