My secret life
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2021-08-16 11:25:30 (UTC)

Scoping it out

Yesterday I spent some time out behind my condo, checking out places to go when I’m out in the nude. I was checking some of the condos to be sure there were no home security cameras there. I only saw one, which is on my neighbors side patio door. It was one of those Ring cameras.

As I was out, the neighbors to my left, which his wife is very attractive was talking to me. The idea of me being nude outside their patio door gives me a rush. Sexy woman.

I have also been contemplating an out the front door nude adventure. This would be more risky, as there are street lighting out front. I have been scoping out that plan as well, snd surprisingly, there seems to be no Ring door cameras on any immediate units near me.

I woke up at 4:00am today, and had plans to take a longer stroll out back. As I got downstairs, I saw it was raining. Needless to say, I was disappointed. It’s not that I’m opposed to getting wet, in fact it would be fun, but my wet bare footprints on our floor would raise suspicion. So, waiting for my next opportunity.

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