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me and my life
2021-08-16 10:39:48 (UTC)

Struggles of life

Ahh... I have to struggle so much for even smallest thing. Today I went to the bank and it was shut never mind I went for a street shopping. Bought some stupid things 🙃. I also got a book for self " A man called Ove" seems good book. Ill start today itself.
Well lets talk about struggle, i got a call from hr and the job seemed to be pretty good and everything was good ro go for me. She asked few amending in my CV and for a smallest change took 1.30 hr whyyy because my lappy jas become an old man now 6 yrs and counting after innumerable repairs and operations and charger, mouse change. He is literally on ventilator and am asking him to pls stay alive till i get a new man i mean lappy. Which i can get after i get a job for which this old man has to keep breathing. I have to be so patient with my lappy. One enter takes 100 yrs to process.
For an impatiet person like me its difficult to work with such slow movers but majboori... i can not imagine how happy ill be when ill buy my own lappy. Omo such a win win situation for me. I wish i could paste a pic here to laugh on when i get my new lappy. Well well i feel sad for self too that i go through so much pain everyday still am alive haha...