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2021-08-15 22:29:00 (UTC)

Demonic Expulsion

Not much to report.
All standard lovely mundane stuff in the home life for last few days.

Other than that demonic entity revisiting me again three nights ago which meant I needed to disentangle it from me. Which hasn't been pleasant, including horrific nightmares not ever seen on a tv and me violently throwing up and repeatedly coughing out the essence of it's attachment, my throat was ultra sore afterwards.

Was mighty poorly last night but I did all I needed to do, not only spiritually but physically too which included a concoction of spices and bits n pieces (not witchcraft) that helped rid me of the dire aching through my core after the main event of dissection.

Sounds like a movie scene doesn't it....believe me it was much worse. Spiritual warfare is all around and my relationship with God and Spirit all my life, has taught me a lot of what lives beyond. Some help fight peoples battles on this plain called earth, yet, for me my life work has been a discreet continuous support to Spirit and our source, for awareness of what life truly means.

I've never lived a life in the pursuit of wealth, I'm a humble woman. I work to make the ends meet and find a contentment and happiness in solitude life. I've been knowingly living my purpose my whole life, and in between learning forgiveness of the people involved in my traumas, and mastering my incurable senses, second sight and working with spirit. It's not only us here with unresolved issues.

However, I have rid the entity now, and with the help of spirit. After, last nights violent expulsion, I slept soundly and arose feeling brand new, lighter, and the colours outside had much more depth and brightness. The trees and such were very vivid.

On another note, Johnny is still being non-shitty and asked me if I liked Paris and suggested we went away together there. What a lovely suggestion, I thought.

Off to meet the carpenter G on site tomorrow morning, my brother will be there too working also.

I've been playing a new game tonight on the PS4 called "Detroit Human"...pretty cool. You're three different Ai robots. Great graphics 👍