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2021-08-14 21:59:09 (UTC)

Silly cliques 😅

I thought I did bad today at the gym. I was in a lot of pain. My lower back was being a be-atch big time. It's now Saturday night and it feels 90% better. By tomorrow, I should be just fine. So even though I sucked at gym today, I was able to do great at other stations. Jump rope, slam ball, rowing, stationary bike, and punching bags? I seem to have a knack for them and I'm pretty good at it. Can't quit my day job still. I can see people watching. That punching bag takes a beating from me and my jump rope can't even be seen but just heard.

There was a bunch of peeps from the other gym that came for a couple of sessions. They all wore matching shirts to represent the other gym or to announce their tribe? hehe. We aren't talking about 17 yr old kids. These are grown adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and maybe even in the 50s. Anyway, after classes today, I see posts about me and several friend requests.....from the other clique. This a life need to have thing? No, of course not. Just more silly social stuff that means nothing. Still, it's fun when you're in with the "in crowd" so I of course ate it all up. I enjoyed today's attention and it's a lot better than drama for sure.

Didn't get to wash and wax my truck but I was able to replace my battery for my car even though it was 104° F out. I need to install a trickle charger for it too so it don't die on me again. Didn't get to shop much but I did get a couple new workout shirts and a few things online like some dress shoes and other need to have stuff. So... life is good. Making the most with what I have. Good night for now peeps.

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