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2021-08-15 03:40:29 (UTC)

Care Takers no longer doing anything

Saturday, ‎August ‎14, ‎2021

Oldman's room of TRUTH!

Very Major changes

Today, started out very slowly, but after my son Jr., took the door off the one shed, I was surprised with the shed full of eight years of trash, supposly taken care of by the caretakers. Taken care of by word of mouth (Story Telling=LIE'S) Then after seeing how the youngest caretakers son Hershel left his room and all the photos are their for viewing. The shed is cleaned out of all the trash, and now have number two shed as well as Caretakers youngest son's room where his wife Leslie and their two kids stayed for several years (RENT FREE) Eight Years rent Free, maybe I should consider the utilities as their rents during the summer $300.00 or less, for electric, gas, water, trash as their rent. Even then all I heard was complaints that we can't pay this or that and it's not our fault (caretakers) that you live in a dump! Yea, living off me, and living in a dump. Ok, I let that past, for years, and then fighting over the idea of Pest Control they didn't want to pay towards at $50.00 a month. Well, even with the $5000.00 electrical contract that I allowed to take place, and of course we were also screwed on that, but still paying for it. Will be until I am dead from the way things look. Now, cut it short and to the point, The two caretakers wife and husband Jimmy and Kim Johnson/Kemps, whichever name they decide to use./ Over the years I still not sure which is which. But, what the hell. I gave away eight years of hearing the blame game that it was the last caretakers that caused all this damage and mess as well as cock roaches' and ants and flies and anything that seems to crawl in here.
I finally settled that I will allow the caretakers to be relived of their duties, after all they have did nothing since or even close to any amount of money over the eight years, and I have even given them starting out over seven hundred dollars a month to help pay for the things that were suppose to be done. That is my dumb ass fault trusting low lives in keeping to and agreement. I have to live with that from now on, even being told by older son Tom and now John my youngest that I am being taken advantage of and stop letting them run over you.
After lots and hundreds of messages over eight years, and warning to get off their ass and stop drinking the money and smoking the money away and start using it on the property. Went in one ear and out the other.
Today, my son John plus his friend Ricky and others that came from California to live in Arkansas now, did cleaning and packed up the filth and trash stacked up and now of course everything will take a while after all can't put eight years of filth in a bag and throw it out in one day. But, my kid sure has tried. Half a U-Haul truck load, and no either, a larger one that they have had to be used. Not to mention the daily fee's on that truck will cost until things are in living condition again here. Just take a look at all the pictures that are in this computer from years of hiding and placing trash all around the property instead of hiring a trash service in all those years. Yes, I should have known something was wrong when they told me after being here only six months that they were taking care of the trash to save $150.00 every three months. Nope, just though how smart and how they did it, was fine since I never enter any of the sheds any longer as too damn old to walk too far without falling from medical reasons. Hell never go into the kitchen in eight years even but once just to talk out the fights over what and who did or did not do whatever. Everything stays in my room after all it's one of two master bedrooms and my older son Tom had the other for years with no problems . But, Tom did try to warn me, as my younger kid also has been doing that their users and could care less about using whatever money you allowed them to use. Take $maybe $600.00 a month with their own ssi money and they were high and wired all times of the day and nights. Oh well, that comes to a halt as of September 1, 2021, as Ricky pays his rent to me, and that will go towards the bills normally due each month, as well as the caretakers will pay $350.00 a month for one room for both of them. No longer have to pay or take care of anything. Will probably cost me a gold mine to get this property back in order, but it will get done. What goes as of the 1st of September will be as I say. With the stealing of money because of electrician pissed me off, but as I said I let things slide for long periods of time.
Shows me that some people your just not able to help, because they are just to brain damaged from smoking crap and drinking morning noon and evenings that they can't think straight. I did give their younger son money so he could come down to visit his parents for the day, I seen him probably for thirty minutes the whole time. Will be his last visit for a few months and he is looking great and not a skinny dying looking drugged out street person. In fact he just called to let me know he made it back to Fortsmith, as his parents told him how mean I am being to take my money from them and making them pay $350.00 a month for both of them. That's right only $350.00 a month for once use to be caretakers. They don't have to pay anything at all from now on. Felt like saying something when the Mrs. caretaker said by the way that is our mower. I did not say a thing after all have one already sitting aside as been planning this for many months now. Just didn't really want to take over everything again. No biggie, just didn't want to worry about it. But, with all that these people did was to cause my blood pressure not to just go up, but close to the 200 mark even. Went in a few months with 190, and was told stop letting those people do this, their killing you. Yes my doctors even know what has been going on, but with son passing from brain tumor October 10, 2020, they watch me close. Have a private as well as VA doctors and VA, allows you to continue with private and will even pay them for Viet Nam vets. Why I don't understand why so homeless vets. I am told by those in VA, they can get help all they need to do is come in, and they refuse. I never knew I had help in that fashion once out of the service back in 1968, but took me years as well to reach out to the VA, so feel ,it's the men and women that think they won't get the help. They will get the help especially if served in combat. I took one Nam vert a few years ago that said prove it to him. They took him as soon as we walked in the door. Can't remember his name to this day, as he passed from Cancer, just someone that I ran into that was close to others that I also knew.
James just called and asked if he was kicked out, and said no that he will need to work if and when he comes back. But, what about my stuff. I said it will be here when you come back in a year or two so don't worry about it. I will get that room cleaned up after I have done all the others. Told that the Mr. Jimmy c caretakers room looks like shit now, so have a feeling they will both be moving out to one of the outside rooms to avoid being seen doing their smoking and drinking. No matter, one room and they get their choice of course will be a clean one. Just takes a few days before it is nasty with them. But, as I said things are looking up again. I have hundreds of phone calls that I just have not had the time to connect with anyone and a lot of them still calling as if I will stop to answer. Getting close to Sunday, so closing this day off for now as another big day tomorrow.