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2021-08-14 12:22:11 (UTC)

I survived 😖

Finished my double workouts this morning. We had to team up in the first session. Curly haired lady teamed up with me. Oh crap!! I wasn't ready for her today. I couldn't do 30" box jumps. Good thing she can't anyway so we kept it at 24" which is more than fine with me.

Earlier this.morning, it hurt just to put on my fancy-smancy bamboo fiber boxers. The lower back pain was still fricking there. So for half of the first session, I was in wimpy mode. 1/2 way through, the dopamine and other natural chemicals kicked in and although not 100%, I was doing much better. Punching bags, rowers, slam balls were the other stations so I got to do those without too much pain.

Second session, I had curly hair and Augusta side by side with me on all the stations so it was double peer pressure at that point. Coach came over and said I was spoiled with too many peeps in my clique. I have to say..... thats true. Hehe. So what? I like my cliques. The only way you aren't is if your an arrogant butt hole. Then it sucks to be you at that point.

After class,, I was still on a high so I needed to chill. I'm at Starbucks kicking back having a 200 calorie foo-foo coffee and a slice of banana bread.

Errands today? I think I need to replace my Acura battery. It sits for too long unused and it dies so many times, recharging it only does so much. I should probably add a trickle charger too as it sits for a long time anyway. New battery or not, it'll degrade too quickly if not used or charged.

It'll be a high of 104° F. Gonna be hot waxing my truck in the garage. Bamboo briefs will be put to the test for sure. ðŸĪŠ

I need to call the Nugget Casino in Reno and figure out how to redeem my $1000 wager that got cancelled. BTW, last I checked. Pacman is now favored by -400!!! That's crazy. Not betting $400 just to win $100. That means I'd have to bet $800 just to win $200. This puts my 2nd Hobie kayak I was planning on buying in Jeopardy. Oh well, I guess I have to get it the old fashioned way and save up for it. Booo