If I die today
2021-08-14 07:20:53 (UTC)


Dear Jessica,
Your one of my most loyal and true friends. Your heart is big and I'm sorry for discounting your friendship. I appreciate you. You've been there and been persistant and you apprciate the moments in life that matter. Youve had great endurance in this world. I dont know how you do it. Many times I have prayed for you but I dont know thats enough. I'm glad your here. You matter in this world and have made a diffrence. Your life is remarkable. Im sorry and sad for the heartache and losses that youve faced. Im glad that you have some independence and freedemon since your move years ago. Also glad you are healthy and safe. If I had anything to offer I would offer it unfornlty I"m on slim livings righ now but if I die well guess I wont need the sh!t. Your welcome to negoritate what youd want with respect of my love in charge. Anyhow your a surviro and endured so much. youve been strong thru everything and youve been faithful to all the people in your life and those in your life are blessed. You have vision beyond yourself and give of your time and engery and what you have. I hope your keep and hang on to the people closets to you keep fighting for strong healthy realtionships you desereve it. You deserve romance, love but also family, friends. If we would meet to day I would put more time into meeting with you and be more gengerous and includude you more catching up in throu detial and I would want to celbrete your joys and the not so goods I would mourn with you. Thank you for being my endurning friend.