If I die today
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2021-08-14 07:11:22 (UTC)

freakin weekend

Todays saturday. What to do with it. ITs fairly smokey out. I mean If I was motivated I could walk the dog shortly but not without a little throat scratch but unlikely to die but the dog pottied and went to sleep so he's fine and Im happy here just drinking coffee listenin to some "christian" songs right no in wonder newsboys was litening to all hail king jesus. im picking ongs out. Anyhow not medcatiated or moving right now. Did take a flexeril last night I slept from around 10 till close to 730 woke up close to 5something iDK if it was natraul or the dog on a workdday schedule but i fell back to sleep. Texted iPatt yesterday no reply. maybe she is mad or offended about the whole I live with my boyfriend thing now. IDK. OR maybe just busy she is a busy lady. Spend 22ish dollars on moms retermintment gift but thats the4 feel good stuff I'm sending the funny stuff so next week I'll order something real. Her retirementment is the 3rd. I'm feeling like I need to put more effort into living its part the reason I suck. IDk what I am going to do but Im thinking I can handle turning off the tv a few hours while I do chores or something in the week.I'm not sure how to be more interssting but alos conflicted about well whats the purpose. I need a purpose. Anyhow gonna try to get off my butt during the week more and try to have some meaning inmy time here on earth. oh yeah I havnt checked the obituaries today and also just bc smoke well no outdoor workouts right now but once nDea is up and occupied maybe I can do a video inside or something. thinking who to write and it should be postive so going thru people in my mind Ajessic sounds easy and ylindsey so maybe I'll strt with J.