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me and my life
2021-08-14 10:40:04 (UTC)

Home sweet home

I'm at my home. Small, compressed but my own house. Home sweet home. After ages I slept on my bed. On which I felt my own so comfy, old but homely. I really felt good. I wanted to spend few days with mom in this house. A bit away from chaos, away feom noise and hustle. But Sis and Naisha joined us. Dammnnn... like even she is helpless.
Am really tores mentally. I need a small break or a little time in peace but I guess am far from that. In my life I always find things impossible. I cant go for holiday coz I ain't got money, I can't live at home alone coz nobody will.let me, I cant go anywhere I got no partner, even mom will not accompany me. I'm so tired I know that it will take a while for me to get out of all this. Am.glad i dint tell mich ppl about my no job thing. Coz already those who know eat my head and rwmind me how jobless I'm mpre ppl would have made it miserable for me.
I cant wait for that day. When Ill share some good news to my circle. Be it about jpb, a guy, a wedding or any damn thing.
All are doing great i see myself in nothing. Sometimes I wonder qhy everything is so difficult for me to get. Errghh.. why so much struggle in life?

Am dying inside everyday...but ill not give up. My motivation has dropped but ill rise again. Soooonnnn
God is making some good plan for sure😇