Experienced Life
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2021-08-13 21:34:14 (UTC)

One year post surgery 🥳

It's been a year since I had major neck surgery to take care of my nerves effecting my arms. It was the worse pain I ever felt. I lost so much blood and I couldn't even walk. It felt like shards of glass in my neck and for the first two months, I barely had any sleep. I was a zombie. Fast forward a year and life is very different for sure. I couldn't even walk for more than 5 min at one point. Now I can kick butt at my class. I've come a long way and I had a lot of friends that helped me recover post surgery. I still remember the giant feminine pad looking thing they taped on the back of my neck and a vacuum device to suck and absorb the bleeding for awhile. Not the best of memories for sure.

Now I'm loving life and so glad I got over that brutal bump in the road. Makes you realize what's really important in life and I'm not going to blow it by making non-important things in life a priority. Still, I do love shopping so I'm keeping that part of me intact. hehe.

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