Ruby’s small adventures
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2021-08-13 22:45:43 (UTC)

The weathers really bad I ..

The weathers really bad I cancelled with my friend to play board games at the meet up event now I’m lonely I feel free but also like I drove everyone that wanted to spend more time with me away when it comes to my parents also this old friend that was only after the little money I make
I just wish I could start fresh but I’m not sure how

I saw someone working Yesterday with my skin color (black skinned) with the prettiest blue dress I almost never see someone or my race wearing much blue but it was beautiful on her I want a dress like that then I want to put a flower crown on it
(Not that blue is bad I wear a lot of it)
My bedroom reminds me of dragon tales with the rainbow color

I work 3 days next week I’m scared of running out of money for transportation but mostly how I’m going to work 3 days next week when I find the job exhausting