If I die today
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2021-08-13 14:16:59 (UTC)


Dear Patti,
Oh wow I'm lost for words you have truly been an influentenal person in my life if not the most. One of the greatest breakthrous in my life was working with you in TCPN and taking in this dirty nasty donations and simply cleaning/caring for theem to find the treasure a little gem outta the mess. Messes that would ordinarldy be overwhelming to me. You taught me so much and gave me inspiration and courage. We've had a lot of good laughs. You are a true demostration of God's love. your endurance and patiencce with me in humbling mndblowing. Your a special person. I'm thankful and blessed to have met you . This is truly a GOD story. Things just flowed in a way beyond what any human or natrual being could organzie. Your humitly and hopstialy are inspiring and bring peace and joy. Its been peaceful enjoyable being a part of your group. You have hosted faithfully and gently. I enjoy the atomsphere and welcoming enviorment and love given and shown from the group. I'm sorry for being very one sided and always being the recipent in our relationship and you have been a part of my ability to mature . Its diffuclt for me to love people and express it . I do treasure you an appreciate your thoughtfulness and love. I hope you prosper in health and that you build more connections and deepen the realationships you have strongly. You are an example of good stewardship an faithfulness. In life today I would enjoy to be more of a friend to you and start to deeper our relationship and to be constant and loyal . Given the chance i would like to show apprecaition to you in a way that you appreciate. I would take in things more seriously from you and hold on better to wisdom . If I should pass before you theres nothing to leave at this moment unless you find something that is special to you you defintly deserve it ifthere is anything . In other ways I would want you to feel welcome in the life of those who I hold dear and prosper those connections that are profitable. I hope you continue with great endurance and that you remain faithful and stay encouraged to redeem the time. Please be couragous and bold. Continue finding joy and celebrating blessings little and small. God bless your heart

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